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We Got an Italian Castle (Convent) – Become a Founding Member

Updated: Feb 21

A year ago, I posted that Italy was giving away castles which absolutely blew up with over 100 comments.

It turned out that most of the buildings (like old train stations) were run down and would require significant investment to the tune of millions.

Fast forward. We’ve been working hard on putting an Italian innovation and retreat center together. We now have an 18+ year lease on convent with a history dating back to the 1400s, with lots of space for guests, events, and enough time to build the longstanding Urbia community.

Now is your opportunity to become a founding member!

There’s a grand plan for the 40,000 square foot space and as a part of enacting that plan, we need 5 founding members who will have access to the community for nearly 20 years, helping us shape the direction.

The convent is 1.5 hours north of Rome in Umbria, in the medieval town of Labro. Within walking distance, there’s an idyllic village, restaurants, and grocery stores. If you hop in the car, there are lakes, rivers, and towering waterfalls within a 15-minute drive. It’s literally paradise!

Retrofitting HAS ALREADY been invested into the building. The convent includes a 200-seat, two-story theatre, a restaurant, commercial kitchen, 18 ensuite bedrooms with epic views from every corner, and a church for spiritual ceremonies, meditation, and yoga. The convent was originally slated to be an extension of the University of Rome for the school of architecture school, but the university decided to go a different direction. With the retrofitting and upgrades, the entire building was also wired for high-speed internet — so you be connected even as you slip back into time.

Imagine hosting wellness retreats, doing an artistic residence, or bringing together a team to co-create here. Anything is possible, especially with all of the space to think, create, dream, ideate, and explore. And with accommodations for up to 25 people, the space works especially well for teams, retreats, or short-term coliving.

At Urbia, we’ll be offering 1–week to 3-month full immersion programs.

The building is incredible and seems like a dream manifest. This is where you come in.

We offering a few partners a founding membership, which will help finance setting up the rooms for guests and readying the space innovation retreats, yoga teacher trainings, a local restaurateur, artistic residence programs, and corporate off-sites, among other things. The funds will be used to make the ensuite bedrooms comfortable and design-oriented, purchase furniture for the common spaces, a golf cart to pick guests up, and electric bikes for cruising the area.

Waterfalls in Umbria near Labro

The minimum buy-in as a founding member is $10k. With your founding membership, you’ll be able to host guests and events in the space and even get equity or profit share, depending on the amount and founding membership you choose.

And if you want to see more pics of the space as a teaser, check out the history of the building and the architecture.

If you’re interested, let’s meet! We can show you photos and video of the space, talk ideas, explain the membership, and give you some options.

Learn more at Urbia.io or reach out directly!

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