• Chelsea Rustrum

Time to Declare Interdependence

Updated: Feb 21

Since I have allowed my life to be dictated not only by choice, but also by conscious intention, miracles have shown up all over the place. I have become increasingly aware and sensitive to the fact that we are a global network of thoughts and ideas.

It’s as if our thoughts occur at energetic packets that rain on certain individuals until the are picked up and downloaded. When the ideas are picked up, they gain momentum. This momentum, this force is now more evident than ever. The internet gave birth to a networked map of thoughts and people.

Once I started paying attention and listening to my own voice, I realized there are other voices and other people that hear the same call. We are vibrationally connected and now there’s there’s a tunnel where we can connect; the internet.

Many friends and colleagues have quizzed me on my love for Twitter. I try to explain that the interconnectedness exceeds the 140 characters, but that always comes out sounding like some new age, hippie explanation.

Twitter is snippets of mind share that are not only open for reading and consumption, but also for connection. Twitter is a place where the swarming of ideas is captured. If you’re able to listen to the whispers and follow those who follow those who you find inspiring, a whole new world of possibility opens up. Your passions find a tribe, a community for expansion, a vessel for creation.

This afternoon, I watched Connected, a documentary that questions technology, progress and the future of our civilization. The film also touches on love, mortality and the meaning of family. I can definitely relate to the film makers quandary and exploration of interconnectedness. The film starts and ends with a hacked version of a John Muir quote:

“Tug on anything at all and you’ll find it connected to everything else in the universe.”

I experience the feeling of interconnectedness every moment of every day. I have often tried to ignore these feelings as they don’t seem logical. The more I accept this interconnectedness, the more compassion I feel and the more I want to contribute. So, I’m pretty sure there is something to listening to oneself.

We’re experiencing a shift. I know it. The internet has arrived. Commerce exists on a new platform. Information is expanding every second. And now, everyone has the opportunity to have a voice, to connect in the way they desire, breaking down barriers, encouraging a whole new world of sharing.

Online is one world. Offline yet another. And the worlds are merging. Sometimes we forget that we don’t need computers, cell phones and social networks. Technology was born out of a need to protect against scarcity. Now, Facebook is a drug based on our need for human connection. We’re addicted to connecting, but the connections are currently shallow.

What if our worlds can artfully unfold into one another? What if we can use technology to connect our cloud based social reality with the physical plane in our everyday lives?

Our greed and hunger for consumption is coming to an interesting intersection. At the rate we’re going, we can’t keep going. And quite frankly, going going going isn’t all that fulfilling anyway. Financial success is not correlated to happiness beyond a survival. If owning more and more stuff isn’t fulfilling, what is?

Enter stage II of the internet, the stage and age of sharing. I firmly believe sharing is a vital ingredient to our planets future and to the future of humankind. When we’re conscious and living through love and gratitude, openheartedness has the opportunity to shine through all of us.

Sharing can happen in so many ways. Ideas. Information. Money. Pooled resources. Space. Time. Skills. Stuff. We all have so much to give and share.

One of the reasons I am so deeply moved by the age of sharing is that through sharing, strangers can quickly become friends, walls are dropped and collective trust is healed. Sharing will not only help people save money and lead more efficient lives, but also revive what it means to be human, what it means to be humane.

America declared independence over 200 years ago. Now it’s time to claim interdependence — to economically and sociologically connect resources. The internet makes this possible. The web is a hyper universe of connectedness that will help us consume less, share more and create a more sustainable world.

This isn’t all airy fairy fluff. The truth is, the recession, our national debt and the increasing cost of fossil fuels will push the population toward sharing out of necessity and convenience. People won’t hop on the bandwagon altruistically. Yet, there is something going on behind the scenes. The reason people will continue to share is the same reason people keep coming back to Facebook; it feels good.

There are far reaching implications of using what we already have to maximize our potential as a species. Sharing will compete with big business. Sharing will threaten capitalism. And ultimately, sharing will put the power back in the hands of the people, only this time as a collective.

What does this culture of sharing look like?

Cars are shared. Rides are shared. Ideas are open source. Skills are shared. Strangers can share breakfast spontaneously. You can sleep on a random persons couch or in their spare room when you are away from home. There are fewer cubicles in the workplace and less separation. Fences come down and neighbors meet by sharing their tools. Clothes are swapped amongst groups. Strangers meet based on proximity. Freelancers collaborate on projects. Groups buy together to obtain large discounts. Bikes line the streets of major cities, free to be used. Communal potlucks happen based on shared interests. Transit tickets are handed off instead of wasted. Brands don’t market to you, they offer you incentives based on who you are. Children learn new languages by interacting with others kids in other countries. Neighborhood fruit trees are harvested to feed the hungry. A printer can be shared with someone two floors below you. Internet connectivity can be shared is shared with your neighbor next door. You can even share a bathroom in your home. How about neighborhood growing cooperatives? Or a local network of moms who take all the kids one night a week to give the other parents a break? Investments? Let’s share the experience of contributing to something we believe in and make dreams come true.

All of these things are happening right now. And this is just the beginning.

Is there a limit to what we can share? When you think about life in the context of location based, on the fly connections based on necessity, what do you envision? Imagine a life where anything you need is a few mouse clicks away. Only this time, you get to connect meaningfully in real life. You’ll experience more of what it means to be human through offline social interactions and mutual exchange.

Let’s declare interdependence. Let’s declare our need for one another. And let’s build a sustainable world we can all be proud of.

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