• Chelsea Rustrum

The Future of Sharing

Updated: Feb 21

We are undergoing a cultural shift into sharing, optimizing resources and expanding the concept of transparency.

I firmly believe that community, both online and offline are tenants of the future. You’re starting to see this happen in the workplace and through shared resources. We’re at the beginning of an evolution of capitalism. We’re moving away from a throw away, disposal society to one of relationships, car sharing, coworking, sustainability and collective consciousness about the way that we live.

People are becoming more aware of one another and their impact. Corporations still have a charter to make profit at any cost, but human beings are waking up. And the more of us that begin to open our eyes, the more power we’ll have to foster relationships that allow us to do more with less.

We’re in the next age and stage of maximizing, reselling and otherwise repurposing objects, time and space. We’ve come to a point where we realize we don’t need 5 cars and 3 barbeques, and isn’t that great?

I’d really love to see how I can help move the dial on this and become part of this counter culture that is pushing the boundaries on everything. You now see corporations like HP allowing 30% of the workforce to work remotely. People are making friends online and sharing rides, cars, camping gear and more. It’s cool to be an ecofreak, uber geeky backpacker. Collaboration is bridging competition to form an alliance of collaboratition. And, companies like Salesforce are talking about the meritocracy of VPs earning the same amount as individual contributors that have game changing ideas that move the company to new ground.

What does all of this mean?

– mobile workforce – shared resources – utilization of space – compensation based on contribution

And oh, so much more.

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