• Chelsea Rustrum

Tech Ethics – Programming the Future in 2020

Updated: Feb 15

How Will We program the Future?


2020 is the year of ethics.

Clear vision is needed where we’re going.

We now live in an age where politics, banking, our legal systems, and even borders are instituted primarily by the technologies we create. Their deployment, integrations, and agreements will rule our lives. There is no way around it. Where we’re going, borders are geographic, but limitless in the digital.

We’re literally programming the future right now. And policies, agreements, and transactions are governed by something we can see or touch, but know is there, driving our freedoms or limiting them.

While automation and increased mechanization impact jobs, the bigger impact will be on ownership, value distribution, surveillance, privacy, and data.

TECH ETHICS STARTING WITH BLOCKCHAIN Blockchain technology sits at the center of technologies that are currently being integrated. It’s ledger for agreement, exchange, and incentivization. The code of ethics looks at 50 ethics in 10 areas to vote on and discuss where we’re going and what guardrails need to be created.

With this effort, an agreed upon document will be produced and a collaborative code of ethics will emerge as a living, working document to keep the conversation of what we’re creating for humanity.

It’s important to remember that ALL PEOPLE ARE STAKEHOLDERS OF TECHNOLOGY.


We’re currently accepting advisors, contributors, and sponsors of this effort.

If you’re interested in getting involved, contact chelsea@rustrum.com

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