• Chelsea Rustrum

Leaving a Human Imprint

Updated: Feb 21

I am a human imprint, not a brand nor a reporter.

I used to classify myself in business terminology and now I see more clearly without the blinders of so much ego on.

I am a creationist, a contributor and an interconnected syllable of the universe. My brand is nothing more than what I leave with people, on people and through people.

It is my human imprint, the intangible self that creates connections. Body language and the spoken word don’t even begin to realize what happens when humans converge.

We feel eachother, sense on another and form beliefs and judgements based on what we see. And seeing isn’t limited to vision or what’s in front of us, but rather what’s within us.

We may not fully understand the brain or the human experience and that’s ok… But I know what I experience daily through every interaction.

Our impact on one another is tremendous, especially when we consider how much we imprint one another with mood, motivation and understanding. We leave trails, memories and interconnected sentiments which supersede conversation and even topicality.

These trails leave us imprinted for our next experiences. It’s as if we literally rub off on one another, becoming one living, breathing organism.

This is why it matters who you spend time with, how you spend your time and what you present in the moment you both occupy.

Be present not only in your physical body and senses, but also bring in your heart — show it as if it’s the only thing that matters and imprint others with the ability to do the same.

This is how we create a shift in empathy and collective consciousness. When we can be spiritually vulnerable to not knowing, simply experiencing through the field we cannot explain, we give the greatest gift.

Imprint with love.

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