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Hippie Hour is the New Happy Hour

How Hippie Hour started

So, a few weeks ago I started thinking about how I could best utilize my ginormous backyard to connect good people with other good people – myself included. Since Hippie Brunch had already been a success, I thought why not replace happy hour with something a bit more meaningful?

I like a cocktail on a Friday night just as much as the next girl, but I don’t like the feeling of people sizing one another up, making their  feelings numb just so they can be comfortable and even vulnerable enough to connect. Usually bars are dark, the music is loud and most interactions are superficial, even when they have a deeper context.

Hippie Hour was born to give people a fun way to connect without alcohol, the interruption of mobile devices – instead communing over tea, music and wholesome vegetarian and vegan food. People understand that this is not a place to talk about “work” or what they do, but rather a place to just “be,” play and connect.

Summary of the first Hippie Hour

hippie hour chelsea rustrum

The first event was held in a friends backyard in San Francisco.

The climax of Hippie Hour was definitely when everyone present linked hands and eventually went shoulder to shoulder with one another, stretching the perimeter of the entire yard, forming a large circle.

We had some live music, singing, a ukulele, drum and lots of art supplies.

One of the most memorable parts of Hippie Hour was when several people asked me what the plan was with the food… There was a pile full of fruits, veggies, bread, tea plus fresh mint and ginger, all the accompaniments for tea, ginger ale, cherry soda, green juice, avocado, cheese, hummus, bean dip – so many possibilities. In this environment of chaos, I thrive. I made black tea with fresh ginger, mint and sugar. I guess that’s the point of all of Hippie Hour – you create your own experience, but all of the ingredients are there.

hippie hour music

I hope to inspire others to run their own Hippie Hours – grabbing the rules, maybe tacking on a few of their own from HippieHour.com.

For me, Hippie Hour is just one more way to inspire more interdependence – giving people time to feel connected through the roots of being tribal – plus, this is actually how I want to live daily in the tiny house village. With lots of people, fresh food, music and fires.

Many hugs were shared, I had some great conversations and based on feedback, the event made a lot of peoples day. I’d say the first Hippie Hour was a success!

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