• Chelsea Rustrum

Healing Through Our Connectedness – A Poem

Updated: Feb 21

I woke up this morning after dreaming about these words and waking in between, as reflected below.

The earth lives and breathes with the lungs of the oceans Humans burn, scar, and maim the planet when they hurt each other We are significant in our insignificance So many languages and stories we tell ourselves Fear consumes ownership and enclosure Rights, structures, fences, patents, laws, guns, weaponry Setup to protect boarders, house, ideas, people, life And the need to be separate to beautiful, to be worthy, to be safe An accepted truth that individualism is prosperous That wealth is what will save us Our thoughts create sound waves that transfer beliefs Beneath the shroud of what we’ve socially accepted as truth Lives love, creativity, desire, passion, and the energy of togetherness The opening to seek, find, and be with oneness in everything that we do So many mirrors, yet such resistance to the reflections An ancient truth is being reborn We are waking up from this strange dream Confused as to how we got here and what this means Understanding that things are not what they seem Bursts of love, collaboration, sharing, openness, and gifts show us a new way To act, transact, and interact Generosity overflows into business models And the story shifts Our economy, our reflection becomes more conscious We see the world and each other with new eyes And through our connectedness, we begin to heal

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