• Chelsea Rustrum

From the Sharing Economy to Sharing Value

Updated: Feb 21

I was recently at Connect Ukraine in Kiev where I spoke about:

  1. the sharing economy

  2. ownership models

  3. questioning who owns what and necessity of shared ownership over time

  4. my own experience experimenting with the boundaries of sharing

  5. disillusionment of sharing economy moving to on-demand efficiency, losing some of human connection elements

  6. how to integrate sharing into the long term economy

  7. a new concept of sharing I call, “value sharing”

  8. definition and tenants of value sharing

  9. examples of value sharing on the the horizon

  10. explanation of platform cooperatives, equity crowdfunding, and other shared value models

  11. venture capitalists and other leaders who see this movement too

  12. companies who are implementing value sharing in their respective organizations

  13. how to implement shared value in your company to stay competitive

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