• Chelsea Rustrum

Corporate & Innovation Talks on Sharing

Updated: Feb 21

Recently, I’ve done a number of corporate talks where I go in to shake things up and help teams think differently about:

  1. Competition

  2. Team building

  3. Recruitment

  4. Benefits

  5. Strategy

  6. Future of Work

  7. Innovation

While I didn’t originally think I’d like doing these kinds of talks, I find them hugely rewarding personally and for the teams and groups that I work with. Leveraging my experience with the sharing economy, emergent gig economy, collaboration, and thinking regarding building communities within companies, I’ve been able to deliver succinct talks that delve into my wacky experiences and experiments with sharing, winding into why this matters for their organization. I’ve talked about sharing economy insights from the perspective of benefits and recruitment for HR teams, worked with international logistics and shipping companies on how to rethink long-term strategy, and transportation focused government and company executives from European countries, looking to the Silicon Valley for innovative examples, thinking, and discussion.

Typically, I give a 30-45 minute talk, followed by a Q&A and then a facilitated discussion on the topic that the group is interested in. Usually this leads to a lively discussion which is in part a philosophical and cultural questioning that we’re all going through right now, and in part strategic thinking through the logic of changing work environments, collaboration, and thriving marketplaces.

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