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Co-creation Castle — Join us in June!

Updated: Feb 21

An experiment in sharing, gifting, and living large

As some of you know, I’ve been working on a project for more than a year that involves a castle (convento) in Italy from the 1300s that we’re repurposing for modern personal, professional, and spiritual growth through retreats, conferences, offsites, and a mix of programming we put together and collaborate with others on. 

To kick things off, we’re doing a coliving, coworking, co-everything month from June 10th to July 10th and have made it as affordable as we possibly can, with the spirit of gift in mind. Since this is a Francis of Assisi order church and convent, we’re holding the space for this project to be about generosity and creating a new economy of abundant thinking, action, love, economics, and business. 

To me, this is the work. This is the only work to do right now.

So if you’re a friend of mine, you’re invited to Co-creation Castle 2019 — to help us build this crazy thing we’ve been talking about, but unable to unveil until now.

The space itself is 30,000 square feet with a 200 person theater, restaurant, commercial kitchen, a church, and a bunch of bedrooms with their own bathrooms. It’s a wondrous space for groups to collectivize, connect, and weave together in whatever journey they’re on.

Since writing and publishing It’s a Shareable Life, I’ve been looking for a way to help people on their personal growth journey, share time and space, and rethink our systems from a place of renewal and healing. I see this as the perfect trifecta. It’s not about systems change or personal change — from what I’ve seen, we need to integrate these waves of remembrance and healing together.

The first people to show up will get run of the house, regardless of what room type they choose until the place is full.

We will also treat everyone as…


This means that everyone comes with something that want to teach, offer, make, share, etc. and co-creates the experience with the rest of the group.

We’ll be running our company from the program and expect that most people will be working on their respective endeavors (bonus: there’s speedy wifi) as well.


There are still a few founding memberships available and we’re actively seeking the right mentors. Let us know if that’s you?

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