• Chelsea Rustrum

Chelsea Rustrum in Conversation with Douglas Rushkoff

Updated: Feb 21

Chelsea Rustrum, author of It’s a Shareable Life and founder of Sharers Talks is in conversation with Douglas Rushkoff, diving into how we got here and what each of us can reclaim our creative power and communities through changing up business and our individual efforts.

How can I make them rich? How can i make my users rich? How can i stop thinking about users getting rich as an externality on my revenue and rather as something that I’m going to see back?

Douglas Rushkoff throws down some massive mind bombs and culturally hard to hear messages about what’s happening the economy, with startups, and our “more is better” mantra.

Perhaps the price is higher, but the cost is lower.

Watch this one hour video of us getting into the nitty gritty of peer-to-peer exchange, a brief history on currency, why local is sexier, how to change the minds of entrepreneurs, what motivates people, how innovation became stagnant, and the repercussions of how we’re treating business as a sword to be fought with rather than a social value creator.

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